Stonehenge Parnhasnakovsky, Ryan-O'Neil, Mandella Eskia - Dyin To Be Famous Mix, Master

dr. buttons - TEXTURAL BIAS ProduceMix

Isn’t Ours - Vermillion EP

Valley of Freaks - Dream Decay Remixes Mix, Produce

dr. buttons - * _ _ _ jar _ _ _ * Mix, Master

pH - HYPH001 Mix

Dead Tenants -
LPII Master

VIV - VIV Record, Mix, Produce, Master

Isn't Ours - Let Us Go Now to the Afternoon of the Dead Record, Mix, Master

RecordBuck/Pruitt - Vol. 1 Produce, Master

Huge Pupils - Grilled Mind Record

Zachary Pruitt - Gingerfication Master

killer BOB - Split w/ Wei Zhongle Record, Mix, Master

mines/Hunt Hunt Hunt Camp - Split 7” Master

Ryan-O’Neil - S/T  Produce, Record, Mix


Massive Ego - Don’t Vinyl Master

Comadrome - Thought Crime Mix, Master


Tom Blacklung - Desert Sage Mix, Master

Trololo - Mystery Tribes Produce/Record/Mix

Bleachers - Strange Desire Assistant Engineer


Susan McKeown - Belong
Assistant Engineer

Pure Love - Anthems Assistant Engineer

Alien Father - World of Trebel Record 


Michael Jordan - Stone Zone Record, Mix, Master

Lightcyan - 484 Mix

Ryan-O’Neil - #Blessed Mix

Ryan-O’Neil - Love in 3 Acts

Isn't Ours - Mute Skyline Mix

Isn't Ours - Doppelganger Mix

Ryan-O'Neil - Grownup Rap Produce, Mix

Weeping Icon - Eyeball Under Record

ADVAETA - Death & the Internet Record

David Schnug & Dave Miller - No, Smoking! Master

Dead Tenants - Void Master

Elliot Sharp and Zachary Pruitt - Guitars Record, Mix, Master

Mahlon Hoard - S/T Record, Mix

Big Friendly - S/T Mix, Master

THE FUNS - 7” Master

J-Zee Sushi Car - S/T Tape Record, Mix, Master

Tom Blacklung - Smoke City Mix

Very Rare - Demo 2012 Record, Mix, Master

Charles Griffin Gibson - Art Mix

Dave Fields - Detonation Assistant Engineer

Alex Winston - King Con Assistant Engineer

Oberhofer - Time Capsules II Assistant Engineer

New Politics - Bad Girl in Harlem Assistant Engineer

Le Rug - Nuke Whales Produce, Record, Mix